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T-POD Conference Banquet


Photographs from the T-POD banquet are shown below, taken on the second evening of the T-POD conference after a Piano and Violin Recital by Gulsin and Erkin Onay in the King's Hall at the University of Newcastle











The T-POD conference a Final Programme is now available to download. Details of all of the papers, session chairmen and the social activities planned are also included. Please follow the link - Final Programme

Wednesday, April 14


08.00 – 09.30


Registration - King’s Hall, Armstrong Building


09.30 – 10.25


Opening Ceremony – Robert Boyle Lecture Room, Armstrong Building


§   Head of School

§   T-POD Chairman

§   Introduction to FASTPOD



Session 1





Design Technology


10.25 – 10.50


Parametric investigations designed to help focused pod technology developments

P.Goubault, J.Perree (Principia Marine, France)


10.50 – 11.15


Hull design and optimisation with pod propellers with 5 and 6 blades

G.Bertaglia, G.Lavini, S.Scarpa (Fincantieri, Italy)



11.15 – 11.45



Coffee Break – King’s Hall



Session 2





Innovative Solutions


11.45 – 12.10


New podded drives for the power range of 1-5 MW

S.Kaul (SCHOTTEL, Germany)


12.10 – 12.35


Rim-drive propulsion – Improving reliability and maintainability over today’s pods

B.van Blarcom, A.Franco, M.Lea, S.Peil, D.Thompson, P.van Dine (General Dynamics, EB, USA)


12.35 – 13.00


Pod propulsion research and development at the ARL-Penn State

J.E.Eaton, M.Billet (ARL-Penn State University, USA)



13.00 – 14.00


Lunch Buffet – King’s Hall


14.00 – 14.30


Emerson Cavitation Tunnel - available to visit



Session 3





Motion Response


14.30 – 14.55


Operability of fast podded Ropax ships in rough seas

K.Sarioz, E.Sarioz (Istanbul Technical University, Turkey),

M.Atlar, M.D.Woodward, R.Sampson (University of Newcastle, UK)


14.55 – 15.20


Effect of pods on the roll behaviour of passenger vessels

O.Turan, D.Clelland, C.Tuzcu, A.Olcer

(SSRC, Universities  of Strathclyde and Glasgow, UK)


15.20 – 15.45


Manoeuvring aspects of pod-driven ships

Z. Ayaz, O. Turan, D.Vassalos

(SSRC, Universities  of Strathclyde and Glasgow, UK)



15.45 – 16.15


Coffee Break – King’s Hall



Session 4





Ice Applications


16.15 – 16.40


Full scale performance of double acting tankers “Tempera and Mastera”

N. Sasaki (Sumitomo HI, Japan),

J.Laapio, B.Fagerstrom (Fortum Oil and Gas, Finland),

K.Juurmaa, G.Wilkman (MARC, Finland)


16.40 – 17.05


Double Acting Tanker – Experiences from model tests and sea trials

P.Trägårdh, P.Lindell (SSPA, Sweden),

N.Sasaki (Sumitomo HI, Japan)


17.05 - 17.30


Measuring podded propulsor performance in ice

A.Akinturk, S.J.Jones, B.Rowell, D.Duffy

(NRC-IOC, Canada)





End Of Session




Coach departs for the “Discovery Museum” trip - from King’s Walk


18.00 – 20.00


Tour of “Discovery Museum” -  Conference Reception


20.00 – 20.15


Coach returns


Thursday 15th April



King’s Hall opens to receive delegates


Session 5





Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) Applications


09.10 – 09.35


On the hydrodynamic design of podded propulsors for fast commercial vessels

A.Sanchez-Caja, J.V.Pylkkanen (VTT, Finland)


09.35 – 10.00


Numerical simulations of flows around a ship with podded propulsor

K.Ohashi, T.Hino (NMRI, Japan)


10.00 – 10.25


On a propulsion prediction procedure for ships with podded propulsors using RANS code analysis

I.A.Chicherin, M.Lobatchev, A.Pustoshny (KSRI, Russia),

A.Sanchez-Caja (VTT, Finland)


10.25 – 10.50


Fluctuating pressure distribution on pod

F.Deniset, J-Y.Billard, R.Jaouen (IRENAV, France),

J-M.Laurens (ENSIETA, France)



10.50 – 11.20


Coffee Break – King’s Hall



Session 6





Contra Rotating Propulsion


11.20 – 11.45


On the design of a shafted propeller plus electric thruster contra-rotating propulsion complex

V.Bushkovsky, I.Frolova, S.Kaprantsev, A.Pustoshny, A.Vasiljev, A.Jacolev (KSRI, Russia), T. Veikonheimo (ABB, Finland)


11.45 – 12.10


Calculation method for steering forces of a pod in hybrid propulsion

P.Ruponen, J.Matusiak (Helsinki University of Technology, Finland)


12.10 – 12.35


Study on the powering performance evaluation for the CRP-Pod propulsion ships

G.Seokcheon, S.Heungwon , B.J.Chang (Hyundai HI, Korea)


12.35 – 13.00


Propulsive performance of a contra-rotating podded propulsor

Y.Ukon, K.Ohashi, J.Fujisawa, J.Hasegawa (NMRI, Japan)



13.00 – 14.00


Lunch Buffet – King’s Hall


14.00 – 14.30


Hydrodynamic Laboratory - available to visit



Session 7





Manoeuvring Loads


14.30 – 14.55


Investigations about the forces and moments at podded drives

H.J.Heinke (Potsdam Ship Model Basin-SVA, Germany)


14.55 – 15.20


Preliminary results of testing of the dynamics of an azimuthing podded propulsor relating to vehicle manoeuvring

J.W.Stettler, F.S.Hover, M.S.Triantafyllou

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)


15.20 – 15.45


A comparison of the stopping modes for pod driven ships

M.D.Woodward, M.Atlar, D.Clarke (University of Newcastle, UK)



15.45 – 16.15


Coffee Break – King’s Hall



Session 8





Manoeuvring Response


16.15 – 16.40


Open water experiments with two pod propulsor models

M.Grygorowicz, J.A.Szantyr (Gdansk University of Technology, Poland)


16.40 – 17.05


Manoeuvrability tests of a vessel with pod propulsion

L.Kobylinski (Foundation for Safety and Environment Protection, Poland)


17.05 - 17.30


Selected aspects of pod propulsor work in operational conditions

J.Kanar (Ship Design and Research Centre –CTO, Poland)





End Of Session


19.15 – 19.45


Cocktail Reception – Council Chambers, Armstrong Building


19.45 – 20.15


Music Recital - King’s Hall


20.15 – 22.15


Conference Banquette – King’s Hall



Friday 16th April 

08.30 – 09.10



King’s Hall opens to receive delegates

Session 9





Operational Technology


09.10 – 09.35


Cavitation and vibration investigations for podded drives

J.Friesch (Hamburg Ship Model Basin –HSVA, Germany)


09.35 – 10.00


Podded rudders

A.Junglewitz, O.A.el Moctar, S.Franic (Germanischer Lloyd, Germany)


10.00 – 10.25


Naval pod-motor hydro-acoustic simulation

J.F.LeBert, R. Barbarin, C.Laine (DCN Propulsion, France)


10.25 – 10.50


Propulsion system evolution

T.Kontes, C Kontes (Festival Cruises, Greece)



10.50 – 11.20


Coffee Break – Music Library, Armstrong Building



Session 10





Experimental Technology


11.20 – 11.45


Design of a model pod test unit

A.MacNeil (Oceanic Consulting Corp, Canada), R.Taylor, S.Molloy, N.Bose, B.Veitch (Memorial University, Canada),

T.Randell, P.Liu (NRC-IOC, Canada


11.45 – 12.10


Systematic geometric variation of podded propulsor models

S.Molloy, N.Bose, A B.Veitch, R.Taylor (Memorial University, Canada),

A MacNeil (Oceanic Consulting Corp., Canada)


12.10 – 12.35


Numerical and experimental investigation tools for preliminary design of podded propulsor components

F.DiFelice, M.Felli, L.Greco, F.Pereira, F.Salvatore, C.Testa

(INSEAN- Italian Ship Model Basin)


12.35 – 13.00


Experimental investigation of flow around a podded propulsor using LDA

D.Wang, M.Atlar, EJ Glover, I Paterson

(University Newcastle, UK)



13.00 – 14.00


Lunch Buffet – University Ballroom



Session 11





Hydrodynamic Modeling


14.00 – 14.25


On propulsive performance of a small bulk-carrier model with twin podded propellers

K.Nakatake, J.Ando, A.Yoshitake, Y.Sato (Kyushu University, Japan), M.Tamashima (Fluid Techno Co., Japan)


14.25 – 14.50


Numerical investigation on hydrodynamic performance of podded propeller

M.Islam, R.Taylor, J.Quinton, B.Weitch, N.Bose (Memorial University, Canada), B.Colbourne, P. Liu (NRC-IOT, Canada)


14.50 – 15.15


Research on wake model of pod propulsion

C.Ma, Z.Qian, C.Yang, X.Zhang, D. Du (Naval Research Centre, China)





Conference Closing


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