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The current list of Abstracts for the T-POD Conference are given below.

A guide for the final submission of papers may be downloaded from the following link

Author's Guide


1.  Parametric investigations designed to help focused pod technology developments

    P. Goubault and J. Perree

    (Principia Marine, France)


2.  Hull design and optimisation with pod propellers with 5 and 6 blades

    G. Bertaglia, G. Lavini and S. Scarpa

    (Fincantieri, Italy)


3.  New podded drives for the power range 1-5 MW

    S. Kaul

    (Schottel, Germany)


4.  Rim-drive propulsion – Improving reliability and maintainability over today’s pods

    B. van Blarcom, A. Franco, M. Lea, S. Peil, D. Thompson and P. van Dine

    (General Dynamics Electric Boat, USA)


5. Pod propulsion research and development at the Applied Research Laboratory of Penn State University

    J.E. Eaton and M. Billet

    (ARL Penn State University, USA)


6.  Operability of Fast podded Ropax Vessels in rough seas

    K. Sarioz1, M.Atlar2, E. Sarioz1, M.D. Woodward2

    (1 Faculty of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Technical University of Istanbul, Turkey,

    (2School of Marine Science and Technology, UK)


7.  Effect of pods on the roll behaviour of passenger vessels

    O. Turan, D. Clelland, C. Tuzcu and A. Olcer

    (SSRC, Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde, UK)


8.  Manoeuvring aspects of pod-driven ships

    Z. Ayaz, O. Turan and D. Vassalos

    (SSRC, Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde, UK)


9.  Full scale performance of double acting tankers “Tempera and Mastera”

    N. Sasaki1 J. Laapio2, B. Fagerstrom2, K. Juurmaa3 and G. Wilkman3

    (1Sumitomo H.I. Ltd., Japan, 2Fortum Oil and Gas Oy and 3MARC, Finland)


10. Double Acting Tanker – Experiences from model tests and sea trials

    P. Tragardh, P. Lindell, N. Sasaki

    (SSPA Sweden AB, Sweden)


11. Measuring podded propulsor performance in ice

    A. Akinturk, S. Jones, C. Moores and J. Bell

    (NRC – IOC, Canada)


12. On the Hydrodynamic Design of Podded Propulsors for Fast Commercial Vessels

    A Sanchez-Caja, J V Pylkkanen

    (VTT Industrial Systems, Finland)


 13. Numerical simulations of flows around a ship with podded propulsor

K. Ohashi and T. Hino

(National Maritime Research Institute, Japan)


14. On a Propulsion Prediction Procedure for Ships with Podded Propulsors Using RANS code Analysis

    I A Chicherin1,M Lobachev1, A Pustoshny1, A Sanchez Caja2

    ( 1Krylov Ship Research Institute, Russia, & 2VTT Industrial Systems, Finland)


15. Fluctuating pressure distribution on pod

F. Deniset1 J.-Y. Billard1, R. Jaouen1and J.-M. Laurens2

(1Institute de Recherche de l’Ecole Navale and 2ENSIETA, France)


16. On the Design of a shafted Propeller plus Electric Thruster Contra-rotating Propulsion Complex

    V Bushkovsky1, I. Frolova1, S. Kaprantsev1, A. Pustoshny1, A. Vasiljev1, A. Jacolev1

    and T. Veikonheimo2)

    (1 KSRI, Russia and 2ABB Azipod, Finland)


17. Calculation method for steering forces of a pod in hybrid propulsion

    P. Ruponen and J. Matusiak

    Helsinki University of Technology, Finland)


18. Study on the powering performance evaluation for the CRP-Pod propulsion ships

    G. Seokcheon, S. Heungwon and B.J.C. Bong

    (Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd, Korea)


19 Propulsive Performance of a Contra-Rotating Podded Propulsor

    Y. Ukon, K. Ohashi, J. Fujisawa and J. Hasegawa

    (National Maritime Research Institute, Japan)


20. Investigations about the forces and moments at podded drives

    H.J. Heinke

    (Potsdam Ship Model Basin (SVA), Germany)


21. Preliminary results of testing of the dynamics of an azimuthing podded propulsor relating to vehicle manoeuvring   

    J. W. Stettler, F.S. Hover and M.S. Triantafyllou

    (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)


22. A comparison of the stopping modes for pod driven ships

    M.D. Woodward, D. Clarke and M. Atlar

    (University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)


23. Open water experiments with two pod propulsor models

    M. Grygorowicz and J.A. Szantyr

    (Gdansk University of Technology, Poland)


24. Manoeuvrability tests of a vessel with pod propulsion

    L. Kobylinski

    (Ship Handling Research and Training Centre, Poland))


 25. Selected aspects of pod propulsor work in operational conditions

    J. Kanar et al

    (CTO Ship Design Research Centre, Poland)


26. Cavitation and vibration investigations for podded drives

    J. Friesch

    (Hamburg Ship Model Basin (HSVA), Germany)


27. Podded Rudders

    A. Junglewitz and O.A. el Moctar

    (Germanischer Lloyd, Germany)


28. Naval Pod - Motor Vibroacoustic Simulation

    JF Le Bert, R Barbarin, C Laine

    (DCN Propulsion FRANCE)


29. Propulsion system evolution

    T. Kontes

    (Festival Cruises, Greece)


30. Design of a model pod test unit

    A. MacNeil1, R. Taylor2, S. Molloy 2, T. Randell3, N. Bose2, P. Liu3, and B. Veitch2

    (1Oceanic Consulting Corp., 2Memorial University and 3NRC-IMD, Canada)


31. Systematic geometric variation of podded propulsor models

    S. Molloy, A. MacNeil, R. Taylor, B. Veitch and N. Bose

    (Memorial University, Canada)


32. Numerical and experimental investigation tools for preliminary design of podded propulsor components

    F. Di Felice, M. Felli, L. Greco, F. Pereira, F. Salvatore and C. Testa

    (INSEAN- Italian Ship Model Basin, Italy)


33. Experimental investigation of flow around a podded propulsor using LDA

    D. Wang, M. Atlar, E.J. Glover and I. Paterson

    (University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)


34. On propulsive performance of a small bulk-carrier model with twin podded propellers

    K. Nakatake1, J. Ando1, A. Yoshitake1and M. Tamashima2

    (1Kyushu University and 2Fluid Techno Co. Ltd., Japan)


35. Numerical investigation on hydrodynamic performance of podded propeller

    M. Islam1, R. Taylor1, J. Quinton1, B. Weitch2, N. Bose2, B. Colbourne2 and P. Liu1

    (1NRC-IMD and 2Memorial University, Canada)


36.Research on wake model of pod propulsion

    C.Ma, Z.Qian, C.Yang, X.Zhang, D.Du

    (Naval Research Centre, China)




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