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The paper presents comprehensive open water experiments with two pod propulsor models. These models were designed and manufactured for propulsion of a large self propelled manned model of a gas tanker intended for extensive manoeuvring experiments on a lake. This model has two exchangeable stern sections with single pod and twin pod installation. Single pod has been designed as a pushing unit of 0.32 m propeller diameter, while twin pulling pods have propellers of 0.25 m diameter.

Open water experiments were conducted in the circulating water channel of the Gdansk University of  Technology. The complete pod units were mounted on the six component tensometric dynamometer. Three components of the resulting hydrodynamic force and three components of the corresponding moment were measured for a range of advance coefficient combined with the range of drift angles from +30 to 30 degrees. Both pods were tested as pushing and pulling units. Measurements on pods without propellers were also performed. The results of measurements are presented in the form of non-dimensional coefficients plotted as functions of the advance coefficient and drift angle. These results are compared with the original design data for both pod propulsors. Conclusions drawn form the experiments are presented.


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