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POD technology is still relatively new and new developments towards higher speed require some optimization of the leading characteristics of the POD, including the POD motor, the POD nacelle, the POD strut and the propeller characteristics.

 Many trade-offs are possible at such a stage and the choices must be supported by investigations into their combined effects. For instance, should the designers favor the motor optimization, tending towards fat-short motors or rather the hydrodynamic optimization, tending towards a long-thin POD ?

As part of the FASTPOD project, a systematic parametric investigation of some of the most critical parameters was carried out so as to guide the project towards the most suitable technology objectives.

 This paper will discuss the methodology and the results of this parametric analysis. It will show the benefits that can be drawn from such an analysis and will identify as well the shortcomings of such an approach as well as how they can be addressed.


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