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This paper presents a new concept of podded propulsors.  The podded propulsor, called Contra-Rotating Podded Propulsor (CRPP), accommodates a pure contra-rotating propeller at one of the ends of the pod, not in a hybrid propulsion type.  This type of propulsor is under development to offer higher propulsive efficiency to a pod propulsion ship and to recover the energy loss of an electric and gas turbine propulsion system.

This paper describes the experimental results on the propulsive performance of a podded propulsor with a contra-rotating propeller (CRP) and a ship equipped with the present podded propulsor.

First of all, a podded propeller dynamometer was newly designed and manufactured for the podded propulsor open water test and the self-propulsion test of a contra-rotating pod propulsion ship.  This dynamometer has two propeller shafts, two thrust sensors and two torque sensors, and a three-component force balance measures the hydrodynamic forces acting to the podded propulsor model.

Secondly, this dynamometer was attached to the bottom of a propeller boat and the podded propulsor open water test was performed on two types of propeller-pod arrangement.  The comparison of the propulsive performance was made between the propeller alone and podded propulsor arrangement.

Finally, the self-propulsion test on a coastal oil tanker was carried out equipped with the CRPP.  The propulsive performance of the ship in the present Pod system was discussed.

The present concept of a contra-rotating podded propulsor seems to be promising from the viewpoint of propulsive performance.


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