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The paper presents an experimental investigation into the velocity field of a podded propeller by Laser Doppler Anemometry and the use of this information for the assessment of propulsor wash and interaction between the hull and pod propulsor. The investigation was carried out in the Emerson Cavitation Tunnel of Newcastle University for with a Ropax hull model as part of the OPTIPOD project sponsored by the EU-FP5 initiative.

Comprehensive velocity field measurements were taken behind the simulated wake of a ropax demi-hull using a dummy model without and with the pod and propeller. Upon the analyses of such measurements, the impact of podded propeller on the environment and the interactions between the hull, pod and the propeller can be assessed.

The velocity distributions along the axial and radial directions were calculated from measured velocity field to evaluate the potential impact of the wash from the podded propeller on the environment. Propellers were designed using both wake without and with the presence of the pod to demonstrate the effect of the pod on the design of its propeller.


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